Job Listing Overview

     Circuit Rider

Virginia Rural Water Association

Job Description




Working under the direction of the Executive Director, facilitate training sessions, provide on-site technical assistance to rural and small municipal water systems, and manage program administrative affairs.



Duties and Responsibilities:


  1.    Travels extensively throughout the state/jurisdiction to offer on‑site technical assistance.

  2.    Provides assistance in all areas of operations, maintenance, management, security, loan application, health, and environmental issues.

  3.    Provides the type of assistance that offers “training” rather than “fixing”.

  4.    Prioritize requests to ensure coverage of water/wastewater systems with serious health/or economic problems first. Priority will also be given to persons or groups who do not have access to high quality drinking water or proper wastewater treatment.

  5.    Attends NRWA in‑service training programs and annual technical conference to meet the individual needs of the Circuit Riders/Wastewater/Tribal Technicians and to provide them with skills to transfer their knowledge to the system personnel and the governing body.

  6.    Reads new technical standards set and proposed by public and private organizations.

  7.    Develops informational articles for dissemination.          

  8.    Responds to inquiries from facilities, consumers, governmental agencies, and others regarding technical matters.

  9.    Assists a minimum of 32 water systems per month at least 5 of the 32 contacts shall be with systems not previously visited in the past six months where applicable. These will be reported on the daily log as part of the reporting requirements.

10.    On-site assistance must geographically represent the state/jurisdiction during the program                                    period.

11.    Assistance should be provided to rural, unincorporated, small municipal systems, tribal systems and incorporated municipal systems under 10,000 population.             

12.    Visits the State Rural Development office at least quarterly and District offices as set out in the Annual Plan of work.

13.    Accurately completes and submits the required reporting in a timely fashions.

14.     Completes and submits the required reporting before the beginning of the staff meeting the

          first working day of each month.

12.    Attends VRWA training sessions when requested.

13.   Attends VRWA annual conference and Expo.

14.     Attends staff meetings each month. 

15.    Solicits and writes articles for StreamLine magazine.

16.    Works to increase Association membership by contacting non-member systems.

18.    Works with board, committees, association members and other staff on association-related


19     Maintains and presents a neat and clean appearance when representing the association on

          the road or in the office.

20.    Works under the direction of and reports to the Executive Director.

21.    Completes additional tasks as delegated by the Executive Director.



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Knowledge, skills and abilities:


1.      Advanced knowledge of small municipal water systems.

2.      Good analytical and problem-solving skills.

3.      Knowledge of principles and practices of organization, planning, record maintenance,

  and research.

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with staff, employees and the public.

4.      Ability to operate standard office equipment including but not limited to computers,

  copiers, calculators and facsimile machines.

5.      Ability to follow oral and written instructions.


Minimum Qualifications:


1.      High school diploma or equivalent.

2.      Multi-year employment required (5 years experience preferred) in working for,             operating, maintaining, or managing a rural/community water system.

3.      Must possess a valid Virginia driver’s license.

4.      Must have a dependable vehicle.

5.      Willingness to travel extensively.

6.      Satisfactory completion of background check.