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The Vermont Department of Health is looking for an Environmental Health Engineer to work in its Drinking Water Program.

The Drinking Water Program helps Vermonters understand and take action to reduce their exposure to contaminants impacting human health, mainly focusing on unregulated private drinking water systems. You will be responsible for responding to questions from Vermonters regarding drinking water quality and health, recommending appropriate laboratory testing to homeowners to ensure their water’s safety, helping homeowners understand laboratory results, and recommending appropriate treatment options for contaminants occurring in drinking water. You will also identify and implement strategic outreach efforts for the Drinking Water Program, evaluate interventions, and prepare educational information on water contaminants and treatment. You will take the lead on managing the groundwater chemistry database, including onboarding additional laboratories to submit their data.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable on the telephone speaking with Vermonters regarding how to treat their drinking water and connecting and collaborating with program partners as it relates to other work activities. The ideal candidate will also have experience with database management and data analysis.

This job might be for you if:
You like the role as a Jack-of-all-trades and you have general knowledge of chemistry, hydrology, geology, spatial analysis, plumbing and water treatment.

You are comfortable learning new things and applying a diverse set of knowledge and skills to an everchanging set of problems and questions.

You enjoy solving problems. You love diving into the science to identify technical solutions.
You like helping people. You are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. Increasing awareness and teaching someone something new, makes you happy.

Please Note: This position is being recruited at multiple levels. If you would like to be considered for more than one level, you MUST apply to the specific job requisition.

Level 1: Job Requisition #49758

Level 2: Job Requisition #49853

Level 3: Job Requisition #49854

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TELEWORK: Upon hire, employees work with their supervisor to create a schedule that aligns with the business needs of the unit. We believe a hybrid work environment promotes autonomy and allows for increased flexibility and greater work/life balance. This position is a Limited-Service position, which is non-tenured and authorized for a specific period of time. Limited-Service positions are established for specially funded projects or programs.