Job Listing Overview

TITLE: Utility Operator, Senior 5603
EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2021 FLSA: Non-Exempt
Summary: Under general supervision, performs a variety of routine and skilled work in the operation
of a Water and Wastewater (W/W) treatment plant and related infrastructure systems, according to job
specifications and technical codes.
Essential Job Functions: The following duties ARE NOT intended to serve as a comprehensive list
of all duties performed by all employees in this classification, only to provide a summary of the major
duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be
required to perform additional, position-specific duties.
 Monitors, operates, maintains, and repairs water production, pumping, treatment, storage,
transmission, and distribution systems and facilities.
 Monitors, regulates and maintains system flow of W/W from collection systems and lift stations.
 Monitors and records data from various instrumentation and equipment to ensure proper biological
and chemical treatment and flow rates of the City’s water and wastewater (W/W) systems.
 Monitors W/W facilities and equipment; checks and adjusts valves, meters, gauges, and other
related equipment; maintains proper chlorine residuals and monitors turbidity.
 Inspects and cleans W/W collection system and components; collects water samples and
performs tests as required
 Inspects, maintains, and repairs machinery, controls, and equipment.
 Reads gauges and maintains operating logs according to schedules
 Services pumps and motors, and maintains and repairs pumps, motors, valves, timers, clocks,
meters, and other plant mechanical equipment.
 Completes daily inspection and log sheets for treatment plant operation.
 Assists and coordinates with laboratory staff sample collection and analysis.
 Assists with service calls, Blue stake requests, lift station inspections, manhole inspections, and
completion of associated records.
 Performs general building and grounds maintenance at the plant site and lift stations.
 Investigates complaints.
 Monitors industrial users discharge and pre-treatment.
 Inspects, maintains, cleans, repairs, and replaces water valves, lines, and connections; performs
plumbing and mechanical maintenance tasks, and minor sewer and drainage repairs.
 Assures that safety rules and regulations are followed; utilizes proper safety precautions in all
work performed; reports safety hazards, equipment problems and emergency situations.
 Performs other duties as assigned or required.
Utility Operator, Senior
Knowledge and Skills:
 Knowledge of City policies and procedures.
 Knowledge of the principles and processes of W/W treatment, and Arizona Department of
Environmental Quality water safety standards.
 Knowledge of servicing requirements of W/W plant machinery and equipment.
 Knowledge of Federal, EPA and state W/W regulations and codes.
 Knowledge of the functions and servicing requirements of W/W plant machinery and equipment,
including SCADA systems.
 Knowledge of hand tools and testing equipment utilized in W/W repair and maintenance.
 Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions.
 Skill in performing a variety of W/W treatment plant operation activities.
 Skill in reading and interpreting gauges and recording devices.
 Skill in reading technical documents and schematics.
 Skill in performing and interpreting basic laboratory tests.
 Skill in operating and maintaining tools and equipment in a safe and effective manner.
 Skill in keeping records and writing reports
 Skill in the use of power and hand tools.
 Skill in following verbal and written instructions.
Minimum Qualifications:
High School diploma or GED equivalent; AND three (3) years of W/W maintenance and repair work
experience. Possession of a Valid Arizona Commercial Driver’s License, Class B; Grade 2
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s certification, and Grade 2 collections and distribution
certifications from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, required at time of hire.
Physical Demands / Work Environment: Work is performed outdoors and W/W facilities.

About City of Eloy, Arizona

Eloy is a multifaceted community with
numerous housing options, great industrial parks
and sites and one of the most desirable locations
in Arizona. We are located midway between
Phoenix and Tucson and half way between
Southern California and West Texas. Eloy is less
than one hour from two of the Southwest’s
busiest airports, Sky Harbor International in
Phoenix and Tucson International. Its own
municipal airport is home to one of the largest
sky diving centers in the U.S., Skydive Arizona™.
For over 100 years, Eloy’s economy has
been based on agriculture. However, as times
change, so has Eloy. The focus now is industry,
warehousing, transportation and interstate
commerce that can share the stage with
agriculture. Agriculture has also evolved, with
new technology that more efficiently utilizes
precious water resources ensuring both water
quality and quantity for the next phase of Eloy’s
growth. An example is Bridgestone, which has
been growing guayule, a low water consumptive
crop that can be used in the manufacture of tires
with the by products used as a feed crop and soil
enhancer. Guayule is only one of the innovative
steps supported by Eloy for a prosperous future.
Eloy is also home to Otto Industries, Schuff
Steel, Republic Plastics, Vext Science and
Bayer among many other great employers.
Now, a new technology is starting to form
Eloy’s future with the advent of the modern
EVs or Electric Vehicles. Both Lucid Motors
and Nikola Motor Company have made this
area their manufacturing home and as such
have generated a welcome influx of supplier
industries. This increased employment has, in
turn started a housing boom for everything
from affordable housing to executive housing
— in other words, something for everyone!
Fortunately, Eloy is in a position to

Eloy’s elected leaders have provided the vision
to attract a team of professionals dedicated to
the principles of sustainable and responsible
growth to enhance existing and new community
investment. Eloy is the best place to grow or
establish your foothold for the future. Eloy, at the
Intersection of Value, Location and Opportunity.