Job Listing Overview


This position will statewide throughout California. One of utilities largest expenditures is electricity. The role of this position is to assist utilities with cost saving recommendations and assessments in coordination with the other circuit riders, wastewater specialists, program managers. The Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) Specialist is required to travel to systems working onsite and from a home office in order to assess a utilities energy use and assist the utility in developing a cost savings plan. This position requires strong general knowledge in utility operations and management and the willingness to find an answer when a challenge is outside the EEP Specialists range of knowledge.

Other typical duties and responsibilities will/can include:

  • Overnight travel on a regular weekly basis
  • Travel & Training planning
  • Emergency response in case of natural disasters
  • Weekly and monthly activity report
  • Promotional activities for functions and trainings
  • Planning weekly travel


  • A current Grade 2 Water Treatment and Distribution certifications or higher with preference given to those holding certificates at the Grade 3 levels.
  • All candidates must possess a valid California Driver’s License.
  • 5 years operations and management experience
  • Knowledge of basic equipment and vehicle maintenance
  • Ability to be a good team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Independent worker
  • Applicant qualifications must meet NRWA approval prior to hiring


CRWA provides competitive salary and benefits. Retirement is paid by employer and fully vested after 1 year of employment with the association. Our medical insurance is paid 100% for the employee and picks up 2/3 of the cost of family insurance, dental and vision are provided and paid by the employer as well.


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Whether a system needs help developing a new rate schedule, setting up proper testing methods, understanding those ever-changing and complex government regulations, preparing a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), or updating operator certification requirements, California Rural Water Association is ready with assistance.