Job Listing Overview

Program Management

·         Submit travel plans in a timely manner to online travel calendar, and as needed when plans change.

·         Produce and follow a yearly Operational Plan as required by NRWA.

·         Visit a USDA Rural Development District office as required by NRWA.

·         Produce and submit reports as required by ARWA and NRWA in established formats to meet required due dates.

·         Provide ARWA office with accurate travel vouchers, timesheets, etc. by the required due dates.

·         Keep all expenses within budget.

·         Comply with all NRWA USDA Wastewater TAT program procedures and requirements.

·         Provide monthly Board report of prior month’s activity to Office Manager by third working day of each month in established format.

Onsite Assistance

·         Plan, coordinate, advertise, track registration, and print/mail certificates as needed for all wastewater training.

·         Complete a minimum of 23 quality onsite contacts per month with eligible systems in accordance with NRWA requirements.

·         Geographically travel the entire state as much as possible, coordinating with other program staff to minimize duplicate visits.

·         Contact as many new systems as possible during any given contract year and solicit new members.

·         Coordinate technical assistance activity with other ARWA staff.

·         Properly prioritize technical requests according to need.

·         Focus on training, rather than “fixing,” when conducting onsite technical assistance.

·         Organize and implement wastewater training sessions per program year; coordinate with EPA Training Coordinator/Office Manager.

·         Use ARWA equipment in a professional manner, following all required asset management requirements.

·         Adhere to OSHA/AKOSHA procedures at all times.

·         Plan travel as efficiently as possible to minimize expense, including overtime, and maximize geographic coverage.

·         Introduce new wastewater training regularly to meet system needs, requests, requirements, and to stimulate new attendance.


·         Attend training sessions conducted by ARWA, as time and work load permit.

·         Promote attendance to all ARWA training sessions and conferences.

·         Assist in ARWA conference agenda development/implementation and securing speakers and vendors.

·         Attend and actively participate in ARWA conference(s).

·         Attend NRWA In-Service training and Annual WaterPro Conference as required.

·         Continually strive to improve training skills and knowledge of the wastewater field.


·         Promote and support ARWA’s mission and goals at all times; show initiative and creativity in furthering the mission and goals.

·         Attend and actively participate in staff meetings and all other meetings as required.

·         Write articles for ARWA magazine and others as required or requested and submit by established due dates.

·         Assist with membership development and retention.

·         Project a friendly, helpful, positive attitude to the public and fellow employees.

·         Project a professional appearance and attitude at all times.

·         Must be a team player.

·         Provide safe and reliable transportation; personal vehicle to have insurance in accordance with ARWA policies and state laws at all times.

·         Maintain Alaska driver’s license in accordance with state law.

·         Adhere to all ARWA Employee Manual, policies, and procedures.


·         High school diploma or GED.

·         Multi-year employment required (5 years minimum preferred) in working for, operating, maintaining, or managing a rural/community water/wastewater system with an ADEC Level 1 or higher certification for wastewater collection and/or treatment (or other state equivalent).

·         A well-rounded technical knowledge of operating, maintaining, and managing a rural/community wastewater system.

·         An understanding of budget/financial conditions.

·         Ability to communicate effectively, orally, and in writing with operators, decision makers, regulatory agencies, and other professionals.

·         Ability to identify, locate, and explain wastewater problems to field personnel and decision makers and provide suggestions for solutions.

·         Knowledge and understanding of regulations, monitoring, and reporting requirements.

·         Willingness and ability to travel extensively throughout the state.

·         Ability to coordinate and/or conduct wastewater training to diverse groups.

·         Proficient with Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, and Outlook).

·         Experience with utilities in cold weather climates.

Preferred Qualifications

·         Backflow tester certified, or the ability to become certified within one year.

About Alaska Rural Water Association

ARWA's Mission: Provide water and wastewater systems with quality support services and solutions in a changing world of regulations and finance.

If you have a strong desire to help others, travel throughout Alaska, earn ample overtime pay, have full benefits, and a willingness to share your drinking water knowledge and expertise, then this is the job for you!

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