The NRWA Career Center was created as a resource to recruit top talent to the water and wastewater industry. With the Career Center, job listings are showcased on a national level to reach eligible candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NRWA Career Center is free for both employers and candidates.

Utilities, State Associations, and any water or wastewater-related organizations can post jobs. Jobs are not limited to just operator positions; customer service, accounting, administrative, trainees, engineers, etc. can be posted as well.

To post a job, first you need to create an account, where you will set a username and password. After your account is created, NRWA Administrators have to approve your account before you can post jobs. Please allow 24 business hours for your account to be approved. Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to post job listings.

Candidates do not have to wait for their accounts to be approved and an account is not required to browse job listings.

Each job listing employers post must be approved by NRWA Administrators before they are available for the public. Please allow 24 business hours for you job posting to be approved.

Yes, you can edit the job listing after it has been posted. You must login to the account used to create the listing and make edits there. After edits are made, the job listing has to go through the approval process again, so please allow 24 business hours for the edits to show.

Please email communications@nrwa.org or call the NRWA office at 580-252-0629 if you have additional questions or need assistance.