About Nevada Rural Water Association

Nevada Rural Water Association (NvRWA) provides the resources and staffing to assist a rural water system's ability to improve its capacity, sustainability, and performance. NvRWA offers training and support for its operators, managers and board members. While many of the towns and communities have made use of the training and technical assistance to improve their systems' capacities, sustainability, and performance, several very small water systems didn’t even know they were recognized water systems until a representative of the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) made contact with them. These very small systems include RV parks, stores, saloons and mobile home parks. NvRWA is a nonprofit membership organization providing water and wastewater technical assistance, and watershed protection coordination programs statewide. We reach out to offer an extensive training calendar that includes practical, hands-on training, individual instruction, mentoring, and classroom and boardroom training. In addition to our annual training conferences, training is offered at your location and on your schedule.

  • USDA Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance Specialist

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