About Boothbay Region Water District

Essential Job Functions:
• Fosters a work culture providing positive and constructive leadership and
• Represents, or assigns appropriate district personnel, in meetings and discussions
with employees, customers, the public, governmental officials and contractors to
promote the water districts’ goals and objectives and resolve issues.
• Administers provisions for effective and efficient operation and control of facilities,
finances, personnel, and equipment and ensures compliance with Federal and
State Safe Drinking Water requirements.
• Act as a leader and provide direction on the setting of standards for district projects
to assure continuity and progress toward overall goals.
• Negotiates agreements and contracts, including labor relations.
• Review, researches, and prepares studies on a wide variety of subject matter.
• Approves personnel action requests and disciplinary actions.
• Reviews and approves engineering drawings.
• Develops policies, programs, and budgets necessary for the operation of the
• Develops long-range plans covering the essential elements of operations, finance,
and personnel.
• Develop an annual budget proposal for board consideration.
• Attends board meetings, ensures all board meetings are held in accordance with
state law, and presents the agenda.
• Keeps the board of trustees fully informed on all factors influencing staff and work
evolutions on the progress toward meeting established goals for projects and
• Performs related duties as assigned by Board of Trustees.
• Engage in long-term regional water resource planning and development.
Minimum Professional Requirements:
• Valid Driver’s License
• Five (5) + years related experience in a managerial capacity in a water related
industry, or in the regulation of the water industry, including planning, organizing,
directing, and controlling operations.
• Experienced in obtaining grant funding and managing public projects.
• Five (5) + years managing governmental, public works projects or industrial work
environment including the supervision of employees.
• Preference given to candidates with Maine Class IV Water Treatment/Distribution
• Candidates must be able to obtain each within one year (1) of hire.
• Preference given to candidates with a Bachelor of Science in related field (in public
or business administration, science, management, or engineering)
Interpersonal & Problem Solving Skills:
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Ability to actively listen, resolve conflict in a respectful manner and lead by
• Provide coaching and support for staff.
• Creatively solve problems.
• Adapt to different environments and be thoughtful in leadership style.
Knowledge of:
• Organization and management of a water district.
• Principles of supervision and management of personnel.
• Water engineering, construction, and maintenance practices.
• Applicable federal, state, and local water laws, regulation, and pending legislation
• Persuasive public speaking and advocacy
• Watershed issues and management
• Principles of administration and staffing
• Principles and practices of budgeting, purchasing and maintenance of public
• Organization and function of an elected board of trustees.
• Conducting public meetings within the framework of Maine law.
• Social, political, and environmental issues influencing the development of projects
and programs.
• Research methods and techniques.
• District personnel rules, policies, and labor contract provisions
• Principles and procedures of sound business communications.
• New England climate and relevant AWWA standards
• Plan, organize and coordinate district operations.
• Administers District facilities, coordinating financial and human resources
• Establish and maintain effective relations with employees, customers, the general
public, governmental and contractor representatives.
• Prepare clear and concise reports.
• Communicate effectively with the public
• Analyze and resolve problems
• Represent the district at a variety of functions and meetings
• Work independently with little direction
• Understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions.
• Present proposals and recommendations clearly, logically, and persuasively.
• Develop and implement appropriate procedures and controls.
• Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex, and confidential
issues and situations.
Salary Range is $90,000 to $120,00

Send resume and cover letter to kirstenh@mainerwa.org